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1. HealthKick

The first step towards building a lifestyle that feels good. By enjoying three gym sessions a week and working closely with your personal coach to make immediate improvements to your physical and mental health, you will move better, feel stronger and reignite your confidence.

2. Sustainability

Continuing your journey is made easy when you have created a healthy, balanced lifestyle. With a new found mindset, taking care of yourself will become a habit that is sustained long term. Find yourself accomplishing more than you imagined on your training journey with us.

3. Growth

The transformation in your health and fitness doesn’t end with your training and nutrition. You’ll notice the impact across other areas of your life such as your career, relationships and other responsibilities you may have.  It’s our commitment to provide you with the tools to feel happier, stronger and more fulfilled. 

What People Say

May Wellbeing has changed my life.

Kelly Catterall

Meet the coaches

Our team of coaches make you feel at home and help you make all of the right decisions.

May Wellbeing

5.0Out of 5 stars

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Absolutely Awesome! Can’t recommend MWP enough…

Sarah, Louis and the team have played a massive part in building my strength and confidence in and out the gym.

Sessions are so welcoming and friendly, there’s always some familiar faces each week.

I have seen a big change in my nutrition and my strength in the gym in just a few months.

isla jacyk

2 weeks ago

Small structured training sessions, friendly and supportive environment. I feel more confident and happy in myself and May Wellbeing has been paramount to this….. so glad I took the plunge to join

Nicola Donovan

3 weeks ago

I joined MW back in 2021-while we were still in lockdown and gym sessions were remote. Having never really been to a gym properly and with no idea what I was doing (joined once or twice but never actually lasted more than a few months), I was made feel welcome, encouraged and celebrated by the whole team.
My progress has not been straightforward, and despite various minor setbacks I can safely say it has been a complete gamechanger for me, both physically and mentally – and Sarah has stuck with me every step of the way. I am stronger, fitter than I have ever been- and my chronic niggling shoulder injury has miraculously disappeared. Would recommend to anyone looking to make positive changes to their health and wellbeing.

Robert White

3 weeks ago

I can't recommend May Wellbeing highly enough. I was encouraged to join the 28 day program by my wife 5 months ago. I joined reluctantly, confident that i'd be saying thanks but no thanks after the first 28 days, but I absolutely love it here. I've always struggled with gyms as I never know what to do and I tend to give up after a few weeks frustrated that I haven't made any progress. The coaches at MW take the time to understand your journey, and tailor a coaching program to help achieve your goals. It's small group PT, but each coach is aware of your strengths and limitations, and they're on hand to demonstrate exercises and offer alternatives if an injury is preventing you from completing a movement. This is has been particularly useful for me as I have had to handle a stress fracture in my back from earlier this year. The most helpful thing for me has been the 121 coaching and the weekly check ins. Speaking to somebody about my progress is useful as it helps to know that you're on the right track. It also keeps me accountable and on track between each scans. I've lost 15kg in 5 months and I can honestly say there's no way that i'd have managed that without MW!

Emma Mitchell

a month ago

Having a maximum of eight people in each session with one coach makes MW an easy gym to access. Before joining, I didn’t know anything about strength training: I was active and fit, but not strong. I’m now 12 months into my membership, attending three sessions every week so am prioritising my physical and mental health. I always leave feeling better in my mood as well as physically. It’s an efficient way to train as the sessions are planned so there is no time wasted wondering what to do. It could only be better if it was nearer to my home!

Mel Heaton

a month ago

I've been a member of May Wellbeing for four years. I was really unfit at the start, and this was affecting my health. The small group training sessions are provided by coaches who are supportive and dedicated to the job they do. Every exercise is explained in detail, taking in to account any niggles you may have.They also provide support and guidance away from the gym, with regular check-ins, a members area on social media, social events and activities.
My whole lifestyle has changed for the better and I love it!! I can't recommend them enough.

Lucy A

a month ago

It's no effort to go to May Wellbeing three times a week. I've never been so consistent with my training since starting here and I feel so much fitter, stronger and more able to deal with whatever life brings. This helps so much with young children, a very busy lifestyle and busy mind. The small group sessions create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

steven thompson

a month ago

Started going to may wellbeing (gym) a year ago, I first met lewis and Sarah when they came to buy a car, which is where they talked/persuaded me to join, I would say it was a bit out of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed it, it’s got a great atmosphere and there is a lot of great people in the family even D I would probably say it’s one of the best things I’ve done, they’ve made me make a few tweaks to my lifestyle which has helped me not just in the gym but outside of it, I couldn’t recommend it enough, lewis, Sarah, Lucy and even D have been brilliant with me and my boys, all I say is get joined up you won’t regret it⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sarah Roddy

a month ago

This place has changed many aspects of my life, not just physically but mentally. I have been a member for almost 12 months and look forward to see what the next 12 months has to offer. I have learnt so much from the coaches. I am now equipped to make all the right changes. There is a great sense of community within the gym. Which makes it an extra special place!

Irshaad Desai

a month ago

Incredible gym, I've been made to feel really welcome, the coaches actually care about your progression and the environment is amazing, all around great experience so far, look forward to continuing my fitness journey with May Wellbeing!

Luke Beardsworth

a month ago

Like a lot of people, my physical and mental health took a hit during the pandemic. I just wasn't on my feet a great deal with the walk-to-work replaced by the walk-to-the-spare-bedroom and I also drank at home more than I usually would. I put on quite a bit of weight and wasn't pleased with it. I struggled with my own commitment when I signed up to local gyms.

Finding MW in Oct 2021 was a sliding door moment in my health and how I view it. The three sessions a week are a fantastic foundation, but the difference maker for me was the coaching that changed my approach to alcohol, to caffeine, to what I ate, how important sleep and water are and the value in closing your laptop and leaving it at the right time. The environment and community at MW has meant that I've never had a patch in that two years where I couldn't motivate myself to go.

There are a lot of things I can do as a result that I couldn't before. I can do an unassisted pull-up when I couldn't even contemplate the thought two years ago. I've done a couple of shorter-distance organised runs and then earlier this year a triathlon.

None of those things happen without MW. I would recommend it to anyone, in real life or on here.

Karen Robinson

3 months ago

I love the sessions!!! As someone who has mobility issues that worsened during the pandemic I am noticing a lot more movement with my right hip when walking and the flexibility during the sessions is more noticeable with the range of movement especially when doing the hinge and bridges. I have really enjoyed the last couple of Saturday sessions despite my anxiety prior to the first session. What I love most is the fact that I am accepted within the sessions by other participants and have been from day one which hasn't always been the case. Although I may seem reluctant to be pushed at times, this is down to me and the belief I have in my abilities, I have been told since I was 23 that there were things that i would never do and due to my hip surgery 8 years ago I was told that there would be even less I could do. This mindset is something else that is improving as I know that you push me when you know i need to be pushed. I really appreciate all that you do to ensure I can do the same type of exercises as the others.
I cannot thank May Welling & Performance trainers enough for the support they give me.

John Sanderson

a month ago

Great gym… Joined 3 months post op from my 2nd ACL rupture.. working through 3 sessions a week. focused on strength and movement, the coaches helped me to increased confidence in myself to get back to where i wanted to be physically and mentally.
Always a friendly atmosphere, Individuals all pushing to there goals always helps you aswell

Emma T

3 months ago

Small group training sessions are a great idea, each person always gets some one on one advice or tips. Sessions are well planned and thought through. Trainers are lovely people, creating a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It's run slick and on time too.

Lauren Williamson

4 months ago

Fab Gym – great for building strength, weight loss and overall confidence boosting!